Greatness - Believe Movie (deleted scene)

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Anonymous said: hey i really dont want to bother you but do you know how my posts can appear on the tags? i hope you know what i mean haha

When you post something’s there is a little part at the very bottom of the post that days ‘tags’ in the bottom left and you just type all I your tags in there with commas between each one. I hope this helps my love 😄

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justin’s recent youtube activity i’m laughing omg

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Demi, first I want to say that I am sorry that I cant be here with you today, but I just want to say first how proud I am of you. Knowing you since we were seven and watching you become the person you are is truly amazing.

I was there when you sang in front of 10 people knowing all of the words to your songs and I was there when you sang in front of 14,000 people, still knowing all of your songs. You have something that you know has been hard for me to have at times. You have courage — courage to want to change to be better for yourself.

The amount of respect that I have for you is indescribable. You have gone through one of the hardest chapters in your life and I praise you for wanting to share that journey and walk away from it all as a better person. Thank you for trusting me and wanting me there during that hard time. I hope you know how much I love you and how proud I am of the role model that you have become.

 Selena’s letter to Demi at her Seventeen Magazine luncheon on January 4, 2013. (via thistwistedinsanity)
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Just In love - 33910 plays
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Sure drake we believe you lol

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I love how Justin hardly shades anybody but when he does, that shit is like a punch in the face

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With this whole ‘Selena firing Mandy’ stuff what I really think has happened is that Mandy wants to take some time to just be with Gracie and be a Mum instead of Mum and manager. It’s not about a feud or her firing them I think it’s about having new experiences because Mandy can’t travel everywhere with her anymore. It’s a simple fact, she has a little girl at home to take care of and what she has done for Selena both being her mother and her manager is more than any child could ever ask for.

Selena says time and time again how much her Mum has been there for her and made her the woman she is today and I think that it’s time for her to just be a Mum. To stay at home, look after her little girl and be there for Selena just as her Mum and not have any occupational responsibilities.



Priscilla’s comment on Selena’s photo

lol I love Priscilla man.

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THEYRE TALKING ABOUT HOW GOOD OF A SELFIE TAKER JUSTIN IS WITH HIS FANS THEY SAID “wow he is so good with his fans he’s so generous what a great man”


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justin being a little shit

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